Corporate social responsibility

VILLA-REYES, S.L. It is aware that moves within a society which makes profits. In return, we assume and we impose a number of obligations that can be summarized as follows:


With our Clients: Nurturing and caring relationships based on the principles of efficiency, respect and honesty. We try to anticipate their needs, we give solutions and accept their just demands.


With our Suppliers: Ensuring a good deal by our employees and always paying the agreed price.


With our workers: wages are paid on time, no unfair discrimination, the vast majority enjoy stable contracts, training and internal promotion is favored, specific needs are met, there is a certain time flexibility, etc.


With the Environment: With a firm commitment to defend the environment.


The Company: We dedicate a minimum of 10% of our business profits to Aids Social Policies, mainly through different NGOs. Specifically, in recent years;


  • We’re Paying transportation expenses, hospitalization, surgery, passenger accommodation, etc., resulting from surgical operations of seven children in Africa and South America.
  • We attended, with more than 70,000 €, various performances in Ivory Coast: Lepers i Mentally Ill in Dimbokro, AIDS in Bokanda, building a home for the sick, etc.
  • We contribute € 40,000 to Mobokoli Cooperation Programme (DRC).
  • We have funded the purchase of computer equipment for the “Home of the Father Olallo” of Camagüey (Cuba).
  • We attended maintenance costs for a year for four with social exclusion in Barcelona.
  • Collaborate with 50% on the purchase of a van adapted for transporting mental patients without resources.
  • We contribute € 50,000 to the Foundation Bayt al-Thagafa, Sant Vicenç dels Horts, to rehabilitate the Reception Centre young people from the prison of Barcelona.
  • We’re Paying Reform Coldrooms of the “San Rafael Clinic” in Havana (Cuba) and the purchase of 120 chairs for the same.
  • – We made donations worth € 88,000 to Caritas of Barcelona for the construction of a residence for battered women in Barcelona.
  • – We have borne the cost of transport and accommodation for two missions ten medical professionals Hospital Sant Joan de Deu that for eight days each, have helped more than twenty children suffering from complex congenital heart disease in the city of Lima (Peru )
  • – We have approved the contribution of the funds needed for the installation of a solar energy in the Hospital de Sant Joan de Deu in Sierra Leone and thus have the possibility of having light and oxygen for 24 hours.
  • We are partners from:
    Red Cross
    “Foundation Juan City”
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