Villa Reyes has overcome a success the challenge that the construction of the new Polideportivo of the School Lestonnac of Barcelona . The objective was to get the works done during the holiday period of the College (from June 20 to September 12) so that the children could use the cover on the return of their vacations.

This required that the work of demolition, excavation, piloting, foundations, structure and cover of the Building be realizedin barely two and a half months . With the added inconvenience that, because it could not use cranes and be the work in the inner courtyard of the school, the work of extracting debris and lands and the entrance of materials had to be done through a long corridor of only 180 cm in width .

The figures that determined the scope of the project were as follows:

  • 1200 m³ Excavation of land
  • 580 ml Piloting
  • 150 m³ Concrete in foundations
  • 000 kg. Metallic structure
  • 770 m² Forêt
  • 1260 m² Covered


Villa Reyes has been working with the Lestonnac Institution for more than twenty-five years at the Colegio de Barcelona and in Mollet and Tarragona. And once again he relied on the capacity and commitment of Villa Reyes for the realization of such a complex Project . They were not mistaken: on the 12th of September, the children could play on the deck of the Sports Center.

Different phases of project implementation



The last touches on the deck

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